Happy St. Patrick Day!

Wishing you a rainbow, For sunlight after showers, Miles and miles of Irish smiles, For golden happy hours

History Of Saint Patrick’s Day

Today’s St Patrick’s Day celebrations have been greatly influenced by those that developed among the Irish diaspora, especially in North America.

Happy Women’s Day, Happy 8 March!

Women’s Day is around the corner, a day when it’s all about women! But why should it only last for one day? Get started today!

History Of International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day is a day of women’s equality and women’s human rights, which has been held every year since March 8, 1917. 

Top 5 Egg Substitutes To Use For Breading

Looking for Egg Substitutes To Use For Breading? Check out these top five substitutes, including milk, mayonnaise, and others.

Removing Hormones And Antibiotics From Chicken Meat

Below, we present tricks that, after their application, we can confidently eat chicken meat without fear of harmful substances entering our bodies through it.

Valentine’s Day Foods – Romantic Food Ideas

Celebrate love with delicious, homemade Valentine’s Day Foods. From meals to desserts, impress your date with a romantic, home cooked food.

Try These Super Bowl Party Food Ideas

Delicious Snacks to Enjoy During Your Super Bowl Celebration That Outdo a Touchdown!

Tips How To Make Almond Drink At Home

Prepare your own almond milk as a dairy milk alternative. It’s easy to make and works well in oatmeal, blended drinks, and hot beverages.

About Italian Cuisine + 6 Video Recipes

Experience the rich history and flavor of Italian cuisine, with its emphasis on fresh, seasonal ingredients and simple, delicious recipes.

History of Potato + 5 Video Recipes

Potatoes were an important food crop for the Inca civilization, which used them as a staple food and also for spiritual rituals.

New Year’s Eve Recipes

Best New Year’s Eve Recipes to Celebrate 2023. Party-worthy food and drink for New Year’s Eve. Should we make some traditional?

Easy Main Thanksgiving Recipes for a Stress Free Feast

Use our lovely Thanksgiving recipes to prepare the perfect meal for family and friends, and don’t forget to look at our drink recipes as well.

What We Should Know About Halloween + 3 Video Recipes

What do you call the Halloween season? Some may refer to it as All-Hallows Eve, All Saints’ Eve, or Halloween.

Fall season – What should we eat? + 6 Video Recipe

It’s always good to cook with vegetables that are in season, be it spring, summer, fall or winter. Let’s take a look at some of the possibilities of autumn harvesting.

What Is Puff Pastry and How Do You Use It? Tips and More + 5 Puff Pastry Video Recipes

Puff pastry dough is one of my favorite ingredients. Puff pastry dough is a go-to for me whether I’m creating something sweet or savory.

Where To Categorise The Soups? + 5 Soup Recipe

For the Chinese, the second course is soup, so that after eating the main course, it can “fill the empty spaces of the stomach”. Europeans think differently about this.

Why You Should Cook And Eat Korean Food? + 5 Korean Video Recipe

Korean foods are well known for being colorful, flavorful, and delicious. It is also becoming more popular because of the vast health benefits that Korean foods offer.

Why Irish Butter Is So Popular?

How is it different from American or European butter? Why is Kerrygold so popular? Read on for the answers to everything you need to know about Irish butter.

We Wishing You Happy Easter!

Throughout the Easter season, it’s easy to get caught up in all the wonderful activities this holiday brings—dying and decorating Easter eggs, planning the menu for a delicious Easter dinner, and hunting for the best Easter basket ideas.

Easter – Everything You Need To Know About

Spring, the resurrection, the catkins, the spring break, the end of the fast, the delicious ham and cake, the coloured eggs, the lamb and the fish, the long weekend.

Happy Mother’s Day!

Today is the day of celebrating the beauty of mothers and motherhood.

History Of International Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is a holiday that honours the mother of a family or an individual, as well as motherhood, maternal bonds, and mothers’ influence in society. It is observed on various days throughout the world, most notably in the months of March and May.

What To Store In Fridge? Is It Good Or Not To Store Vegetables In Fridge?

After shopping, it is important to store the food you buy properly: this is especially true for vegetables and fruits, as they can easily spoil.