It’s finally here!!

It’s been months in the making, countless hours of discussions, nights of brainstorming, but it is finally here.

So Our first website is now live and we couldn’t be happier to bring it to you on such an important day for us. You guys, we are living in very concerning times & as we can be more conscious of is how we spend that time.
For the past couple of months, We’ve really been leaning into our passion for cooking and sharing our recipes with friends, family, and you, dear followers.

After the first month of posting recipes, We decided that we needed to up the game and start to think on a brand name, which suits for both of us. Thats how GastroLadies was born. We can't believe it took a global pandemic to get us to lean into our passion for cooking but here we are.

The idea of GastroLadies, for why we making this, is that cooking should be easy, especially during this crazy stressful time we're living in.

Developing new relevant content has always been and will always be our main goal. We are working on new types of formats including lots of video, e-books, features with beautiful photography, as well as maybe new event concepts.

We are very proud of what we made and we truly hope you love it like we do.