Since summer season is around of corner, we’ve come up with a couple of ideas that can be used to create something new beyond traditional recipes.

We have some favourites root vegetables like beetroot, carrot, parsnip and celery roots. 

At first glance, we reminded of the possibility of an infinite number of soups. It’s enough to learn which spice tastes best with what spice, and from there you can really make them in a thousand different versions. 
Root vegetables are super healthy, cheap and very delicious, use them to create new flavours, recipes!


It is better to peel in vinyl gloves, as it leaves the colour on your hands, but anyway, without gloves also after a few hand washes, it leaves no trace. 
Beetroot can be baked, boiled, steamed, also it can be soup, such as the already well-known Russian Borsch beetroot soup, just to give one example. It is also an excellent or great garnish as a salad, if you bake it soft and mix it with a little potato or even cream.


I think, aside from the flavouring of the broth, the real thing about celery is to make it as a cream soup out of it, or vegetable soup, you need some carrot, onions, chicken or parsley, and you’re done. 
There are no big tricks here either, to make the creamy soup, cook and blend, the longer you cook, the tastier, more characteristic the cream soup will taste. Beware, can be obsession! 
Other way to use is Waldorf salad, so If you haven’t tried Waldorf salad before, now is the time. It is made with grated celery, apples, cheese and mayonnaise, like dressing - perfect as a vitamin source!


One of my favourite recipes, I cook carrots and a few potatoes with broccoli, adding a little coconut cream. At the end paprika, blend and it is ready the perfect evening soup. If we already speaking about carrot, it’s worth mentioning the carrot cake, who hasn’t tried it yet, be sure to do it!

Parsley root

It’s a relatively ungrateful vegetable that we don’t use very much for anything other than classic broth. Despite all this, it can also be used in vegetable purees, so to make garnishes healthier and more varied, but be careful not to use a lot of it, otherwise it completely dominates the taste of the food.