Oxford University experts tried to find an answer to this question, and their results were published in the scientific journal Flavor.

How does the color, shape, or even the material or weight of the cutlery affect the taste of the food?
Very! After all, our brains are already influenced by these external factors before we taste the food in front of us and form an opinion about its flavor.

More than 100 people were subjected to the tests, which included three different studies.

How do the weight, color, and shape of cutlery affect or influence taste perception?

Interestingly, they found that when participants ate with a small spoon (such as a dessert spoon), they felt flavors sweeter.
The same happened when the yoghurt was ate with white spoon, yoghurt also was found to be sweeter.

In case of black cutlery the opposite was obtained. It is clear then, that color strongly influences the perception of taste and indeed, all areas of our lives. (The science of color psychology builds on this fact.)
As for the shape of the cutlery it turned out that while a cheese pinned to a knife tip seemed salty, with a spoon, fork or toothpick has tasted sweeter, the BBC wrote.

"Experiencing food is a multi-sensory experience that involves perceiving the texture and taste of food in the mouth and smells, and last but not least, feasting on the eyes," - said Charles Spence and Vanessa Harrar of Oxford University's Department of Experimental Psychology. .

In addition to cutlery, of course, dishes also affect the perception of the taste of food and drink in the same way. Not necessarily the material or color, but rather the size is decisive.
It is well known that we eat less on small plates than when we serve food on large plates that are so trendy and design, on which even larger portions are almost lost, so we can mistakenly feel that we have barely eaten.

According to Spence, this study could be useful not only for dieters but also for restaurants to provide a richer gastronomic experience.
That’s why researchers are working with renowned British chef Heston Blumenthal and his English restaurant on designed spoons that can enhance guests taste buds.

In addition to these, of course, experts always highlight it, the decisive factor is still the taste of the food and the taste buds.