Unfortunately, it is possible that a nice piece of sausage or a piece of ham that you get from market after some time will get mold, so you need to pay close attention to storing them.


Sausages and hams are meat products that can be stored for months or even years and will lose nothing of their quality if stored properly. 
Since my father in law make and give us ham quite often, you can read my own storage experiences below.

Primary rule

All smoked meat products, including sausages, lards, bacon and hams, should be kept in a cool, well-ventilated, dry place where there is no high humidity. 
The best choice is a pantry, but it is important to provide ventilation, it is good to have a small window on them where fresh air can enter. If you have the opportunity, the attic is also perfect for storing smoked meat products. 
In the case of sausages, you should also pay attention to keep them in a shady place, as the light is not good for red pepper or paprika, if is made of course with red pepper or paprika.

Store both the sausage and the ham, and any other smoked meat hanging so that excess moisture can drip off them. 
It is best to put them on wooden poles, as the metal can rust, which can affect the quality of the meat. It is important to hang in a breeze, do not crowd them together, there should be space between them. 
The moisture content of meats is constantly decreasing, the longer you store them, the drier, harder they will be, but this will not affect their quality.

Do not leave never ever in nylon

If you buy sausages or ham at the store, you may get them in a plastic bag. It is important that when you get home, take them out as soon as possible, because they can't breathe, they can mold. Wrap them in baking or greaseproof paper instead.

If you do not have a pantry, pantry or attic, you can store the ham and sausage packaged in this way in the refrigerator. However, care must be taken with this if the refrigerator is icy, the inside is not dry enough, the meat may start to deteriorate, in which case they should not be kept there for more than 1-2 weeks. If possible, put the meats in the vegetable compartment of your fridge, and if you only have the option to store them in the fridge, don’t buy a lot of them at once.

Can you still eat it if it looks moldy?

If you see white mold on the outside of the sausage, you can safely wipe it off, the meat can still be eaten, its quality will not deteriorate. If you store the smoked meat product in a humid place or don’t ventilate enough, there may be white mold on the outside, but that’s basically no problem yet. 
If already has mold inside also, or outside the mold is green, you should throw it away.

Salt spots may appear on the outside of the meat, that is not problem, no need to be dealt with, as the meat is preserved by its salt content, which preserves its quality, so it is a natural phenomenon to appear on the surface.