The fridge is used to keep food fresh, but there are some vegetables that are particularly bad for storing in a fridge.

After shopping, it is important to store the food you buy properly: this is especially true for vegetables and fruits, as they can easily spoil, start to wilt quickly, and even their vitamin content can decrease.

Food ingredients. Onion and garlic on the table

Onions and garlic

It can be red or purple, the bulbs must not be stored in the refrigerator. As a result of the cold, the vegetables soften, get wet, lose their flavor, and even leave an unpleasant odor. Store the onions and garlic in a pantry.

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Tomatoes are most desirable if they are firm on the outside and juicy on the inside. For the sake of keeping fresh, many people find a place in the fridge for your roundish delicacy, even though they are actually committing a crime against tomatoes. Because the tomato loves warmth, so it will do its best by storing it at room temperature, on the kitchen counter, in a well-ventilated basket designed specifically for vegetables and fruits.

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You can find plenty of it in color and taste, but its storage divides people. Just like with tomatoes, almost everyone keeps the peppers in the fridge, even though this vegetable doesn't like the big cold either.

Feel free to treat it like a tomato. If you do choose the refrigerator, place it in the lower vegetable storage compartment of the fridge.

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This favorite vegetable of the fall and winter season have a thick peel, so storing them in a refrigerator is unnecessary, can be stored in pantry. However, if you peel and cube it, then put it in a hermetically sealed box, then in a fridge, or you can even freeze it.

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The “obligatory” element of the pantry is the potato so no need to put it in the fridge. However, if you peel it because maybe you want to prepare it for cooking to the next day, then put it in the plenty of cold water and put it in the fridge.

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It is also worth refueling the pantry with parsnip and carrots, as a lot of delicacies can be made from this vegetables. The vegetable compartment of the fridge, or even pantry is a good choice for storage. However, make sure that the fridge does not get too cold, because this vegetables stored for a long time may freeze, although they can be used, but the taste will no longer be real.

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It is forbidden to store bananas in the refrigerator as they start to turn brown quickly and their taste changes, and not in a good way. However, some say there is a way to store bananas in the fridge. According to their suggestion, put it one by one, wrapped in cling film, because this way you can slow down the ripening process - but this unfortunately it's not exactly an environmentally friendly method.

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The storage of cucumbers is often a matter of debate, as it is now often stored this veggie in the refrigerator, but this is completely unnecessary as it can be kept at room temperature in the kitchen or in a pantry. It is against the refrigerator that the cold causes the cucumber to lose both its color and flavor.

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Extremely healthy avocados are usually bought unripe, which is why store them at room temperature to allow time to ripen. However, if you are left with a half-cut avocado, its place is in the fridge, but airtight wrapped.

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