What do you call the Halloween season?

Some may refer to it as All-Hallows Eve, All Saints' Eve, or Halloween. In any case, October 31st is known by many different names and is certainly one of our country's most adored holidays. Even if you've been celebrating Halloween your entire life, there's still a lot you might don't know about it.

Halloween started in Ireland as the Celtic holiday of Samhain, which explains why so many Halloween rituals are Irish, no matter where you are in the globe.

The Celts thought that deceased ghosts would visit the earthly realm on the eve of Halloween. They dressed in disguise and lighted bonfires to ward off bad spirits.

Although our Halloween is more about having fun and dressing up than about dead ghosts, there are certain traditional characteristics of an Irish Halloween that we have retained.

Some Halloween Recipes

Halloween Eye Ball Cocktail
Video Recipe

Scary foods and drinks should not be missed at a memorable Halloween house party. The best part is that making these delicacies does not require a lot of cooking skills, you can make them easily and quickly.

Deviled Eggs For Halloween
Video Recipe

For simple children's or adults’s parties, for Halloween or festive meals, this decorating idea for stuffed eggs will surely delight everyone!

Delicious Halloween Graveyard Cupcake
Video Recipe

These Spooky Halloween Cupcakes are sure to go down a hit for any Halloween Evening.