International Women's Day is a day of women's equality and women's human rights, which has been held every year since March 8, 1917. 
International Women's Day is also a World Day. 

Women's Day was originally a demonstrative day of labor and warrior equality for women: in 1857, forty thousand textile and clothing workers went on strike in New York for equal salary and reduced working hours. 

Today, various NGO’s around the world are also protesting against violence against women, domestic violence against women, sexual harassment at work, prostitution and other forms of violence against women.

It is important to note, however, that women can be greeted at any time until March 10th.

There are two reasons for this

  • Every fourth year is a leap year, so a balance between 355 and 365 days must be ensured, allowing for a 1-day derogation. 
  • 1889 was the first Day Of Women, and it was held on March 10, hence the slip of the second day was allowed. Incidentally, as early as 1914, women tried to change this tug in Russia through demonstrations. And that was a breeze for women’s right to work, to protect mothers and children.

According to the founders of International Women’s Day, it is a day for women who are still simple and make history, reviving the centuries-old struggle of women for equal rights and opportunities.

The first event, linked to March 8, occurred in March 1857, when textile workers in the textile industry demanding more humane working conditions and higher wages demonstrated on the streets of New York.

A resolution on the professional employment of women was adopted at the first congress of the International Workers' Union.
This decision sought to put an end to the millennial stereotype that women have a place exclusively at home. In 1889, on 14 July, Clara Zetkin at the inaugural general assemblying her speech, she proclaimed women’s right to work, the protection of mothers and children, and the widespread participation of women in national and international events.

In 1909, the first National Women’s Day was held in the United States, adjusted to the last Sunday in February, the 28th.
1911 on 19 March, Austria, Denmark, Germany and Switzerland held the first International Women’s Day in the world.

1917, on March 8, women protested in Russia for bread and peace. 
Four days later, not directly as a result of this demonstration, II Tsar Nicholas resigned and a civilian government was formed, which gave women the right to vote. This also marked the end of Women's Day, which is March 8 in most countries of the world.