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Classic Greek Bougatsa Recipe

Indulge in the traditional Greek delicacy of Bougatsa, a flaky pastry filled with creamy semolina custard. Perfect for breakfast or a sweet treat.

Classic Greek Bougatsa is a traditional Greek pastry made with phyllo dough and filled with a creamy custard.
The dough is rolled out thin, filled with the custard, then rolled up and baked until golden and flaky. It can be served as a sweet breakfast or dessert. The origin of Bougatsa is from the city of Thessaloniki, but it is widely enjoyed throughout Greece.
Some variations include the addition of cheese or minced meat in the filling, or it can be doused in a sweet syrup or powdered sugar before serving.


Classic Greek Bougatsa Recipe

Cooking method: Baking
Cuisine: Greek
Courses: Dessert
Difficulty: beginner
Prep timeCook TimeRest TimeTotal Time
15 min 35 min - 50 min
Servings: 8 person
Calories: 152kcal
Best season: all

Classic Greek Bougatsa

is a traditional Greek pastry that originates from the city of Thessaloniki. The dish has a long history, and it is said to have been served as far back as the Byzantine era. The name “bougatsa” is derived from the Byzantine Greek word “bou-katsa” which means “to eat”.

Over the years, different variations of Bougatsa have emerged, such as adding cheese or minced meat to the custard filling, or dousing it in a sweet syrup or powdered sugar before serving.
Some versions also include adding cinnamon, nutmeg or vanilla to the custard mixture.

Bougatsa is widely enjoyed in Greece and is considered as a staple of Thessaloniki’s local cuisine.
It is also popular in other countries such as Cyprus, Bulgaria, and Romania where it is known under different names.



  1. Preheat the oven

    to 180°C (350°F).

  2. In a mixing bowl, crumble the feta cheese and add the eggs, milk, olive oil, butter, flour, sugar, and vanilla extract.
    Mix until well combined.

  3. Take one sheet of phyllo pastry and place it in a buttered and floured baking dish.

  4. Brush the sheet with melted butter, then add another sheet on top and brush with butter again.

  5. Repeat this process until you have used 5-6 sheets of phyllo pastry, depending on the size of your dish.

  6. Pour the feta

    mixture over the phyllo sheets, spreading it evenly.

  7. Take another 5-6 sheets of phyllo pastry and place them on top of the feta mixture, brushing each sheet with butter.

  8. Fold the edges of the pastry inwards to seal the bougatsa.

  9. Bake in the preheated oven for 35-40 minutes, or until the pastry is golden brown and the filling is set.

  10. Let the bougatsa cool slightly before slicing and serving. Optionally, dust with powdered sugar before serving.

    Enjoy, Good Appetite!

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