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Eggnog Recipe

Eggnog is a time-honored Christmas beverage made with eggs, milk, cream, nutmeg, vanilla, and other delicious ingredients.

Does eggnog make Christmas truly Christmas-like, or do you prefer mulled wine or some other festive beverage entirely? Which booze and spices do you use, and is eggnog ever served warm?

Traditional handmade eggnog is the ideal holiday beverage. There are cooked and uncooked variations of this straightforward recipe, as well as the option to spike it for adults.

Even while buying eggnog from the supermarket is convenient, making your own is a far better way to enjoy its decadent silkiness. This drink simply only a few simple ingredients, and it can be made in under 15 minutes. 

Eggnog is simple to prepare, so don’t let the supermarket cartons deceive you.

Is it safe to drink homemade eggnog?

The raw eggs and heavy alcohol content of traditional eggnog are used to preserve and disinfect the dairy and eggs.

Therefore, any potentially harmful germs that may be present in raw eggs will be killed by the alcohol if you are drinking eggnog produced with a high enough ratio of alcohol to eggs and dairy.

However, you run the risk of ingesting salmonella from the raw eggs if you don’t use alcohol or if you use it sparingly before serving.


Eggnog Recipe

Cooking method: Mixing
Courses: Drinks
Difficulty: beginner
Prep timeCook TimeRest TimeTotal Time
15 min - 15 min
Servings: 4 person
Calories: 234kcal
Best season: winter

A Little History Of Eggnog

From late October through the end of the holiday season, eggnog is customarily drank in Canada, the United States, and certain European nations during the Christmas season. Since the early 1900s, Venezuela and Trinidad have produced and consumed a type known as ponche crema, which is also a staple of the holiday season.

During that time, several nations’ grocery stores sell eggnog that has been commercially manufactured.

There is disagreement over the history, etymology, and components of the first eggnog cocktails. Nog was “a type of strong beer made in East Anglia,” per the Oxford English Dictionary.

The term “nog” was first used in print in 1693.

Nog may also have its origins in the Middle English word “noggin,” which described a tiny, carved wooden cup used to serve alcoholic beverages.

The British beverage was also known as an egg flip because the mixture was “flipped” (rapidly poured between two pitchers) to combine it.

According to one dictionary, the word “eggnog” was created in America in 1765-75.

What Historians Says?

The majority of food historians agree that eggnog is a descendant of the early medieval British beverage known as posset.

Posset was created with heated milk that was curdled with wine or ale and flavoured with spices, and its exact genealogy is a topic of controversy among food historians. Posset was employed as a cold and flu treatment during the Middle Ages.

From the Middle Ages to the 19th century, posset was widely used.

Some posset recipes included eggs, according to Time magazine, “monks were known to consume a posset with eggs and figs” by the 13th century.

A recipe for “My Lord of Carlisle’s Sack-Posset” from the 17th century calls for heating cream, whole cinnamon, mace, and nutmeg, as well as 18 egg yolks, 8 egg whites, and 1 pint of Sack wine, a fortified white wine related to sherry. Ambergris, animal musk, and sugar are added last.

Two-handled pots were typically used to serve posset. The wealthy posset pots owned by the nobility were made of silver.



  1. Put the egg yolks, vanilla and sugar in a bowl, and beat with an electric whisk until pale, about 2-3 mins.

  2. Add the double cream, brandy and milk, and beat until it just combined. Pour into a punch bowl.

  3. Clean the beaters. Beat the egg whites in a clean bowl, just until to soft peaks.

  4. Fold a third of the whipped egg whites into the milk and cream mixture, and then add the remaining whipped egg whites.

  5. Gently incorporate these into the eggnog until it is smooth and frothy. Chill until serve.

    Enjoy, Good Appetite!

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