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Homemade Salsa Recipe (Video)

This guide will show you how to make the best homemade salsa from scratch with the best ingredients. The Youtube video has subtitles available in many languages, please turn on subtitles and please select your language.

How to prepare this recipe

It only takes 10 minutes to make your own salsa sauce at home and all you need is a blender, a few simple ingredients and a good knife. Whether you serve it with chips and cold beer or next to a generous portion of grilled shrimp, your friends will be grateful.

Salsa is a dip sauce, which includes ingredients such as tomatoes, pepper, onions, fresh herb and often some kind of acid, such as citrus or vinegar.

There are many different types, from red to green, from chunky to smooth, from boiled to fresh, and many more.

The key to making a wonderful salsa is the ingredients. If you start with the best, most flavourful ingredients, you will achieve the perfect recipe.


Homemade Salsa Recipe (Video)

Cooking method: Mixing
Cuisine: Mexican
Difficulty: beginner
Prep timeCook TimeRest TimeTotal Time
10 min - 10 min
Servings: 2 person
Calories: 29kcal
Best season: all

Common ingredients

There can never be a definitive, final list of all the ingredients. Sauces are as unique and diverse as human creativity allows. While you may have seen strange fruit varieties or ingredients, this salsa recipe is made only from common ingredients.

If you start making your first homemade salsa with this list of ingredients in your kitchen, you are about to hit a huge succes, and from there, you are free to add new ingredients and start experimenting.

Fresh vs. preserved

Canned ingredients are also ideal for excellent use, especially canned tomatoes. Why?

Canned tomatoes are usually harvested at their maximum maturity. This results in a superior aroma. Within a few hours of harvest, they are processed to retain that flavor.

Anyways in general, fresh ingredients are usually best in most cases.



  1. You can make in two different versions. 

    One is to chop finely all the ingredients, or the other version is to use a food processor.

  2. If you choose to chop finely the ingredients, then after they are all chopped very finely, add all the ingredients in a bowl, and mix well.

  3. Using processor, is all you need to do, to put them in the processor, and  and pulse until chopped small, or pulse until your desired texture.

  4. Taste, and if need, add more salt.

  5. Set it aside in the fridge for at list 30 minutes or more before serving. Can be stored in the fridge up to a week.

    Enjoy, Good Appetite!

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