How To Make Easy And Quick Pork Belly Roll (Pancetta) Jump to recipe

How To Make Easy And Quick Pork Belly Roll (Pancetta)

Pancetta is a historical cured meat in Italy that dates back to Roman times. Pancetta is a popular cured meat in Italy, and it is considered a traditional product in many regions.

 It’s made of pork’s belly, which is salty and sometimes spicy if left for a few days. 

It is extremely tender and fragrant, it can be cooked, smoked and left to dry and matured for several months. How is it shaped, how is it salted and seasoned, how is it bound not to make a “belly”? In Italy, it is often used to add depth to soups and pastas.
You will forget about the sausages or cold cuts from the shops! This is a recipe verified by time!

This time I don’t make the original, or classic or authentic pancetta. I make a oven dried version, which can be used in one day, the authentic version needs to be cured for months.
Of course this wont be as the classic one, but believe me, it is tasty enough to worth the time to be made.


How To Make Easy And Quick Pork Belly Roll (Pancetta)

Cooking method: Baking
Cuisine: Italian
Difficulty: beginner
Prep timeCook TimeRest TimeTotal Time
60 min 180 min 3 days 5760 min 240 min
Servings: 15 person
Calories: 147kcal
Best season: all

A Little Pancetta History

While there is no recorded history of the origins of pancetta, there are records dating back to the 15th century that mention the purchase of cured meats for long journeys. Cured meats were most likely created for this purpose.

The Piacentina from Emilia-Romagna and pancetta Calabrese are two well-known pancetta’s, though excellent pancetta are produced in many other regions as well.
The European Union has granted Calabria and Piacentina producers “Protected Designation of Origin Status,” which consists of regulations designed to protect local products from competition from unauthentic products made by foreign producers.



  1. Trim the pork belly’s edges to make it neat and square.

  2. In a mixing bowl, combine the garlic, salt, dark brown sugar, juniper berries, bay leaves, nutmeg, thyme, and half of the black pepper.
    Mix well to distribute the salt evenly.

  3. Rub the mixture over the entire surface of the pork belly to coat it evenly.

  4. Put the belly in a resealable plastic bag or a covered container that is just big enough to hold it. Refrigerate for up to 3 days.

  5. Flip it over every day without removing it from the bag. After 3 days it is time to bake the belly.

  6. Remove the pork belly from the bag or container and thoroughly rinse it under cold water before patting it dry.
    Sprinkle the remaining black pepper over the meat side.

  7. Begin by rolling up the pork belly tightly, as if it were a thick towel, and tying it very tightly with butcher’s string at 1- to 2-inch intervals.
    It is critical that there are no air pockets within the roll. In other words, it cannot be rolled too tightly. 

  8. Bake the pork belly roll, the pancetta in the oven.

  9. Wrap the roll very well in baking paper and bake at 75°C  (167 °F) for 3 hours. Do not unfold the paper, the roll must be baked in its own juice.
    After 3 hours, turn off the oven and let it cool there.

  10. After place it in the fridge, and let it there one more day, or overnight, and then is ready for use.

    Enjoy, Good Appetite!