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Irish White Pudding Recipe

Discover the Delicious and Surprising History of Irish White Pudding! Learn How to Make This Classic Dish with Our Easy Recipe. Perfect for Breakfast or Dinner!

Irish White Pudding is a sausage made with pork meat, fat, oatmeal, and spices, and it does not contain blood unlike Black Pudding.
White Pudding is a longstanding Irish dish that is commonly consumed in the southern regions of Ireland.


Irish White Pudding Recipe

Cooking method: BoilingFrying
Cuisine: Irish
Recipe keys: OatOnionPork
Difficulty: intermediate
Prep timeCook TimeRest TimeTotal Time
30 min 120 min 30 min 180 min
Servings: 10 person
Calories: 310kcal
Best season: all

Irish White Pudding has a rich history

dating back to the 16th century, where it was a staple among the Irish peasantry.

Irish White Pudding Recipe
Discover the Delicious and Surprising History of Irish White Pudding

It was made from pork scraps, oatmeal, and spices, and was cooked in a casing. Due to its low cost and ability to feed large families, it was a popular dish.

Today, it is still widely consumed in Ireland as part of a traditional Irish breakfast and as a filling for pies or a side dish for meat dishes.
Despite being less famous than Black Pudding, it holds an important place in Irish culinary heritage.



  1. In a large bowl,

    combine the minced pork shoulder, minced pork fat, Steel cut oats, chopped onion, salt, black pepper, ginger, nutmeg, and mace.

  2. Gradually stir in the milk, mixing until the mixture becomes smooth and well combined.

  3. Fill sausage casings with the mixture, ensuring they are tightly packed.

  4. Place the sausages in a large pot of boiling water and simmer for approximately 2 hours.

  5. Remove from the water and allow to cool before slicing and serving.

    Enjoy, Good Appetite!