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Quick And Easy Zucchini Fritters Recipe (Video)

The zucchini fritters recipe is one of my favourites, mainly when I have a large amount of zucchini in my pantry. 

How to prepare this recipe

We all love zucchini’s and I use to use them in as many dishes as possible. I think I have developed a passion for this delicious vegetable. 
Grandma fried the  zucchini’s in unrefined sunflower oil and we used to eat them or as a breakfast with bread and vegetables, like the meat patties, or with any kind of side dish as lunch or dinner
They were really wonderful, sweet-sour and slightly oniony. They really go great with anything, but my favourite is to eat them with  like to eat them with tzatziki. They go together perfectly.


Quick And Easy Zucchini Fritters Recipe (Video)

Cooking method: Frying
Cuisine: Other
Courses: Appetiser
Difficulty: beginner
Prep timeCook TimeRest TimeTotal Time
15 min 25 min - 40 min
Servings: 6 person
Calories: 196kcal
Best season: all

And now back to this wonderful zucchini recipe. It is extremely simple and easy to do.

First of all, we must be very careful with zucchini’s. They are grated and salted, then left to stand as long as they leave liquid, this takes around of 10 minutes. After they have left their liquid, the zucchini’s must be squeezed by hand very, very well.
You can use a sieve or simply squeeze the zucchini’s with your hands until you remove most of the liquid. The better drained the zucchini’s are, the less flour you will need for the fritters. If we add too much flour, the fritters will be dense, will have too much dough and won’t be so airy and fluffy.



  1. Wash and grate the zucchinies.

  2. Add salt, mix, then set aside for 5 to 10 minutes.

  3. Meanwhile chop the green onions.

  4. After 10 minutes squeeze of zucchini to remove extra liquid.

  5. Lightly beat the eggs and add to the grated zucchini.
    Add the green onion, baking powder, flour and black pepper, then mix.

  6. Fry on both sides until golden brown.

    Serve with sour cream, and salad and / or bread.

    Enjoy, Good Appetite!

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