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Whiskey Sour Recipe

Make this whiskey recipe with a bourbon effect using this simple recipe to bring out a lot of fresh fruit flavors

This simple whiskey sour recipe is a fun take on a classic beverage that uses whiskey, lemon, and simple syrup. It’s delicious and ridiculously simple to make!

Fill two double old fashioned glasses halfway with this coctail and garnish with cherries.

So, what makes this drink recipe so delicious and superior to every other whiskey cocktail I’ve tried? The sour mixture. Because you can control the quantity and quality of the components, the flavors are superior to store-bought sour mix.


Whiskey Sour Recipe

Cooking method: Mixing
Cuisine: United States
Courses: Drinks
Recipe keys: EggLemonWhiskey
Difficulty: beginner
Prep timeCook TimeRest TimeTotal Time
5 min - 5 min
Servings: 2 person
Calories: 171kcal
Best season: all

History of Whiskey Sour

The first mention of this drink came in the Wisconsin newspaper, Waukesha Plain Dealer, in 1870.

Whiskey Sour Recipe
Make a Whiskey Sour with a bourbon effect using this simple recipe

According to the Peruvian newspaper El Comercio de Iquique, Elliott Stubb invented the “whisky sour” in Iquique in 1872, according to a 1962 article published by Universidad del Cuyo. Modesto Molina published El Comercio de Iquique between 1874 and 1879.



  1. Shake all of the ingredients (excluding the lemon zest) vigorously with ice and strain egually divided into two glasses filled with ice.

  2. Squeeze the lemon zest over the drinks, shiny side down, so the aromatic oils spray across the surface.

  3. Remove the zest, decorate, and serve.

    Enjoy, Good Appetite!

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